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Concerts and events

Roadrunner has been providing support for events and productions of concerts, festivals, business events, musicals, dance shows and ice shows for 25 years.
Roadrunner Concert Service has all the credentials therefore to be your ‘experienced’ partners to ensure your event runs as smooth as clockwork.
Roadrunner Concert Service has built up considerable expertise in the following domains and is happy to handle these for you:

  • Budgeting your event
  • Logistics planning
  • Planning crew/staff
  • Technical advice: light, sound,video, stages, tents, etc.
  • Co-ordination

Stage management

An event with different bands appearing on the same stage requires a guiding hand.

The Stage manager

This guiding hand – the stage manager - prepares a planning – in consultation with all the bands and artists – makes sure that everyone has sufficient time to set up their sets. The stage manager ensures that all the material requested (backline, rolling risers, etc) and crew are available. He/she checks that the stage is sufficiently equipped to meet the complexity of the festival or tries to guarantee that everything can run smoothly within the limitations of the stage available.
And finally he/she keeps the bands in line so that everyone sticks to the agreed timings as well as guaranteeing that all the bands and artists are able to play their gig.

Tour management

The role of a tour manager is one that includes a whole host of responsibilities.
On the one hand you have the artist and his/her management that made big investments both financially as well as artistically. It goes without saying that they need a dedicated person to make sure that their interests are guaranteed and maintained.
A lot of other people are also involved in a tour: musicians, tour crew, local crew, light and sound suppliers, recording companies, booking agents, security, organisers and technicians at the halls where you end up. You can see that someone with diplomacy is actually an essential element here.
The tour manager handles the co-ordination between all these different parties, draws up transport plans, building plans, books hotels, organises the catering, ensures that everyone is there in time and on time, makes the necessary arrangements with the organisers, checks that the technical facilities of the halls/stages meet the norms etc.
You can count on Roadrunner Concert Service NV for all these services.


The choice of your staff will make or break the organisation of an event or concert. So follow the rule of ‘the right people in the right place’, and apply it on the stage and behind it too. If you are looking for back-up staff, then we have the right solution for you. Roadrunner Concert Service has an extensive list of staff all of whom have extensive experience, flexibility and their own field of specialisation in the broad spectrum of the events world.So, if you are looking for elementary help for setting up and dismantling your concert, event, stand, decor, tent, video, light, sound, fashion show, trade fair… contact our crew planning team who are available 24/7 on: ++32/479.42.60.87 and ask for a non-binding offer.


Armed with hammer, harness, safety line and helmet, they build and set up stages (no limits to the height)

Forklift truck drivers
Licensed and experienced forklift truck drivers.

They have the experience, they know and motivate their teams, they delegate and relieve you of your different responsibilities.

Become a crew member

On Stage 

The essential and experienced helping hand for setting up and dismantling, and for ensuring your event runs smoothly. Passionate people who love their work and are at the beck and call of the technical specialists.

They know everything there is to know about building different steel constructions on the ground such as stages, mix platforms, etc. (up to a maximum height of 2 meters)

On tour 

They travel with your company as members of your crew in order to handle the building of your stage and/or instruments.

From someone who helps you with washing and ironing clothes to experienced wardrobe dressers or seamstresses.

Wash ups
Help in your temporary kitchen installation is indispensable. You need to be able to receive the large and sometimes very sudden arrival of people. Washing up, buffet service, laying out food, etc.

Transport of your artists, your crew, providing all the purchases for your catering or production. Always with the appropriate vehicles.

Floor covering

No more wet feet or cars stuck in the mud. We can make your event completely accessible for your visitors, cars, trucks and even cranes. We have been market leader in the Benelux since 1997 with our environmentally friendly recycled PVC tiles (Hexafloor, Terraflor), rubber mats (Remopla), PVC plates (Terraflor) and vinyl (Bateco).

We also offer aluminium floor solutions: the Arena Panels and our own uniquely designed system, the Roadrunner Panel.

Finally, we can offer you the well-known steel road plates.

Thanks to our close cooperation with several European suppliers of floor systems, we are able to provide customized offers at interesting prices for all of your projects.

An environmentally conscious choice!

After years of service, our mats, tiles or panels are reproduced into new ones.

Ecological cleaning

To clean our different flooring systems, we opted for an ecological and efficient solution.

Primarily, we supply all flooring systems with a geotextile underlay except for the Terraflor. We place this underlay between the surface to be protected and the floor protection to stop most mud.

A custom-made washing system, which is connected up to a rainwater supply, ensures that we do not need to use any extra detergent and do not waste pure drinking water. Naturally, this system is powered by green electricity generated by solar panels.

As such, most of the cleaning is done by machine. This takes much less time as the flooring systems are cleaned along the top and bottom. As a result, we also save on personnel costs so that cleaning costs are reduced to a minimum.

Roadrunner Panels

The Roadrunner Panels are, as its name reveals, our very own development (patented) unique on the floorcovering market.

The Roadrunner Panel has all the advantages of the Arena panels. However, due to the unique click system, it not only ensures a stable and seamless floor, but also for a significant time savings in the installation and removal of the floor.

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Terraflor is a floor system that has been specially designed to protect the natural lawn of sports stadiums or lawns of gardens and parks during concerts or other events with large crowds.

Terraflor has been designed in such a way that it leaves a space between the panels and the grass. This space is light and airy, the ideal conditions for grass to remain healthy and green.

Terraflor also keeps all waste off your grass and ensures that your site remains clean after the event.

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The universal floor covering for areas that must be able to withstand a heavy load.

These stylish tiles are the ideal solution to facilitate your trade fairs, exhibitions or events, without any specific preparation of the subsurface.

You can create paths for pedestrians or car parks. Forklifts, cranes or other heavy equipment can be deployed at your event.

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Remopla mats for heavy wear are the optimal solution for fragile surfaces that need to be protected on short-term. This material is ideally suited for creating car parks and for laying access roads on athletics grounds, tennis courts, ice rinks, floors for sports halls and cobblestones.

Remopla can also be used as a base for stages, stands, seating and as a base floor for the dumping of soil or sand, for instance in halls where motocross or horse events are being held.

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Remopla Dubbel-sided

Our double-sided mats can be used on both sides.  An ideal solution for instance in sports arenas to protect the floor in a quick and efficient manner.

Double sided Remopla mats are the optimal solution to protect athletics grounds, tennis courts, hockey fields or ice rinks.

Remopla can also be used as a base floor for stages, stands or seating .

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Arena Panels

Within the product range of aluminum floors, our Arena Panels have long proven to be a solid and stable solution for your event or construction site.

Thanks to the unique connection system, a completely flat surface is created. This guaranties an ideal weight distribution for all heavy duty machinery and heavy structures.

The level surface also ensures that this system is extremely pedestrian-friendly.

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Bateco floor is a solution we offer you to quickly and efficiently protect your sports floor.

Bateco vinyl can be used both indoor (sports hall) and outdoor (athletics track, tennis courts,…).

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Steel Road Plates

We also offer you the well-known “steel road plates”. A system that offers you a solution to your yard or construction of access roads and where the finishing touch is less important.

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Safety Advise

Roadrunner Concert Service has more than twenty years’ experience in working out productions and providing security advice.

The security co-ordinator is responsible among others for:

  • Designing the compartmentalisation for the public
  • Positioning of crash barriers, extra emergency exits.
  • Signalisation of emergency exits
  • Positioning of first aid stations
  • Making agreements on police assistance
  • Safety corridors for emergency services
  • Design of entry systems for mass public shows
  • Defining and positioning of security and stewarding operative
  • Security meetings with the emergency services before the event
  • Naming the safety co-ordinator/prevention advisor
  • Drawing up a safety plan.